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On my Easel



This is the first phase of a 48”x70” oil painting of the Grand Canyon as seen from Moran Point. Of course, this size canvas does not allow me to paint the scene ‘on location’. It would act like a sail and probably take-off. Therefore, this is a studio painting and will be completed with the help of some studies done on location and a few digital shots for some of the details. Besides that, I feel the Grand Canyon should be painted on a ‘grand’ canvas anyway.


Phase 1






This very first step will show the very important layout of the landscape, indicating some of the color schemes as well. In the following phases,  you will be able to follow the progression of the painting as they are accomplished.


Moran Point, located on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, was named after the artist Thomas Moran, 1837-1926


Phase 2






Standing on the edge of this very large hole in the ground, I get the feeling that the entire country of Holland in which I was born, would fit nicely into this ‘gap’. The feeling is indescribable; the interlude of space and complete silence is an awesome experience.


Phase 3






To get an idea of the space and distance at play here, when the Spaniards first saw the Colorado River from here, they thought they could go down there with their horses and get water. After wandering around in the canyon endlessly, they gave up and had to return!

Phase 4






“It is so beautiful, so magnificent…one feels so small standing on the edge, everything else becomes insignificant, and all Life’s struggles and pretensions seem to vanish right here…”



The finished painting…….        ”Sunrise at Moran Point”  48”x70”



As you can see….the weather took a turn for the worse…..


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