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Sunday Morning in Yosemite Valley Demonstration


Yosemite National Park is one of my favorite places to visit and to paint. It is a vignette of wild, primitive America. Its geologic features are the product of time’s hidden forces. In “Sunday Morning”, I tried to capture the overwhelming solitude and grandeur of the colossal granite rock formations that shape this grand valley.

This photograph shows I am drawing the landscape on a half-round piece of ‘Plexiglas’. The rationale for this is to create the layout for a future Diorama of Yosemite valley. (Much like the layout that I did for the 360-degree painting of “Panorama Big Sur”). By sketching the contours of the landscape with one eye closed and without moving my head, I will not get the distortion that a camera lens produces.


While I was doing this ‘strange’ thing, people at a distance must have wondered, (from where the plexiglass is not visible anymore), whether I was conducting an orchestra!) The light in the valley on that early Sunday morning was breathtakingly beautiful. While most of the visitors to the park were probably still asleep, I enjoyed the immense quiet of the valley floor. A quick sketch was all I needed to go back into my studio the next day to paint “ Sunday Morning in Yosemite Valley.”


The following images show the development and some of the details of this painting.



































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